Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) Application

***NOTE: If you wish to apply for the RECIPROCAL EXAM please visit this page:
Reciprocal Applicants

RPLS Application Process

To apply to take the exam to gain licensure as a RPLS, you must complete and submit the following:

1. RPLS Application

2. Application fee of $125.00 (must be submitted with the RPLS Application unless applicant is a military service member- see application for more information)

3. Compliance Verification Forms; 5 Parts (must total 4,000 hrs minimum; ALL PARTS MUST BE SUBMITTED):

4. Certified Transcript/s conferring the completion of:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • Completion of 32 hours of Board-approved course work

5. Approved Course Checklist (must be accompanied by course descriptions for each course from your collegiate catalog)

*Please Note: Only transcripts sealed in an envelope from the institution that issued them are considered “certified”. If your education experience has not changed since applying for the SIT, you are not required to resubmit your transcripts or the Approved Course Checklist. You are also not required to submit the Approved Course Checklist if you have a bachelor’s degree in Land Surveying.

6. Rural Sample Survey (metes and bounds) / Metes and Bounds Description / Research Document Listing

7. Urban Sample Survey (lot and block) / Research Document Listing

The applicant must submit two (2) sample boundary survey reports (sketch, map, or plat) completed under RPLS supervision. Submission must be paper, not to exceed 11” x 17”, and digital (CD, USB, or email-; PDF ONLY).

One report must be URBAN (lot and block), and one report must be RURAL (metes and bounds). These surveys must meet the minimum standards set by the Board. Please use the Application Checklist: Sample Surveys to aid you in meeting the minimum standards.

Along with the sample surveys, the applicant must submit a listing of all research documentation used to construct the surveys (DO NOT SEND THE DOCUMENTS THEMSELVES) and separate metes and bounds description (for rural survey).

More Details about the RPLS Application Process

All documents must be submitted in hard copy format with original signatures (by mail or hand delivery). The Reference Waiver Form that is required of SIT and reciprocal applicants is not required of RPLS applicants.

Each document has instruction on how to complete it. Applications must be complete by January 15 to be considered for the April examination and by July 15 to be considered for the October examination. Only after an application is complete will it be submitted to the Board for review. The applicant will be notified by mail of the status of their application after the Board review.

To see more information about the requirements for applying for the RPLS, please see the Professional Land Surveying Practices Act, Section 1071.254 and the General Rules of Procedures and Practices, Section 661.41 b (1 and 2).

If you have any questions please contact licensing via email or phone (512-440-7723).