Reciprocal Applicants

Reciprocal Application Process

To apply for a licensure as a RPLS through reciprocation, you must complete and submit the following:

1.Reciprocal Application

2. An application fee of $125.00 must be submitted (unless applicant is a military service member or spouse to a military service member- see application for more information). This fee may not be submitted separately from the Reciprocal Application document.

3. Reference Waiver Form (3 minimum to be completed by licensed surveyors from the USA, Puerto Rico, or Guam)

4.Verification of Licensure (link to web portal)

5. The applicant must create two (2) sample BOUNDARY surveys for the application using the TBPLS minimum standards as a guide. Of these sample survey reports (sketch, map, or plat), one must be RURAL (metes and bounds), and one must be URBAN (lot and block). These submissions must be accompanied by a listing of the ALL research documents used to create the surveys (DO NOT SEND THE DOCUMENTS THEMSELVES) and a separate metes and bounds description. These submissions must be on paper, not to exceed 11” x 17”, and electronic (CD, USB, or email- PDFs ONLY. No CAD files will be accepted).

The purpose of the sample survey exercise is to confirm that the applicant has reviewed the The Professional Land Surveying Practices Act and the General Rules of Procedures and Practices (not to query the applicants portfolio of work completed as a professional). The samples can be created for the application alone (an applicant can affix the disclaimer of “For Application Purposes Only” to the submission if they wish) and can consist of any lands (do not have to be lands in Texas). If the sample surveys being submitted do not meet the minimum standards set by the Texas Board, the application will be rejected. Please use the Application Checklist: Sample Surveys to help you to adhere to the standards.

More Details about the Application Process

All documents must be submitted in hard copy format with original signatures (by mail or hand delivery). There is no electronic submission permitted (except for the Verification of Licensure that is submitted through the online portal. The page containing the portal is linked above).

Each document has instruction on how to fill it and the Board office is open normal business hours if you should have any questions.

Each Reference Waiver Form must be sent to the Board office by the professional that completed it in a sealed envelope with their seal stamped on the back of the envelope.

Only after the application is complete can it be submitted to the Board for review. When the application is approved by the Board the applicant will be permitted to take the Reciprocal (RCP) Examination.

All applications must be complete by January 15 to be considered for the April examination and by July 15 to be considered for the October examination.

Information about the Reciprocal Exam

Click the link below to access the subject matter areas used on the Reciprocal Exam:

Reciprocal Exam

If you should have any questions contact TBPELS at 512.440.7723 or at