Licensed State Land Surveyors (LSLS) Application

Preliminary LSLS Application/Examination Information

Please review the following for important information about applying for and taking the LSLS Exam:

LSLS Application Process

To apply to take the exam to gain licensure as a LSLS, you must complete and submit the following:

1. Application

LSLS Application (fee must be submitted with the LSLS Application)

2. References

Reference Form (3 minimum)

References must be completed and sent to the Board office by a professional land surveyors in a sealed envelope with their seal stamped on the back of the envelope. The Board prefers that one of your references be a LSLS.

3. Working Sketch / Preliminary Report of Findings

An applicant must create a working sketch of an area of the applicant’s choice (though the Board prefers the applicant chose an area within their own county). The sketch must embrace several surveys including the work of at least three original locating surveyors. Also, the sketch must show the complete results of all of the record investigation you make (not only at the GLO but other sources as well) and be accompanied by a preliminary report of your findings. This submission must show the source of all of the information you would assemble prior to going to the field to make a survey for vacancy or excess.

More Details about the LSLS Application Process

All documents must be submitted in hard-copy and electronic format (you can mail in your electronic submission in the form of a CD or flash drive, or, you are welcome to mail in your hard copies but email your electronic submissions-

Only after an application is complete will it be reviewed by the Board. The applicant be updated on the status of their application by mail after the review is complete. Applications must be completed by January 15 to be considered for the April examination and by July 15 to be considered for the October examination.